Hydrographic Surveying

Wading & Hydrographic Bathymetric Surveys, and LiDAR Surveys

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Hydrologic & Hydraulic Feasibility Study, Phase II

Bel Marin Keys, CA

NCI is currently under contract with the Corps of Engineers (San Francisco District) to perform on-call design services for navigation and water resources projects. The Phase II study for the Bel Marin Keys V Wetland Restoration project is part of the overall Hamilton Wetlands Restoration and the work order is to perform an assessment of hydraulics, hydrodynamics, and sediment movement in Novato Creek located in San Francisco Bay. The tasks include bathymetric survey in Novato Creek, deployment and retrieval of tide gages and current meters, and hydraulic & hydrodynamic numerical simulations. The hydraulic simulations are to assess the potential impacts to water levels at various reaches of the creek under 19 different scenarios of flood and project improvement conditions. The tidal-induced estuarine hydrodynamic modeling is to characterize water level and currents throughout the Lower Novato Creek so as to address any potential shoaling and scouring impacts resulting from the proposed Bel Marin Keys V wetland restoration.

Mandalay Canal Maintenance Dredging

Oxnard, CA

This project involved the planning, design and permitting for the maintenance dredging of a power plant cooling water canal. Work involved hydrographic surveying, channel design, chemical analysis of sediments, preparation of permits and regulatory documents, evaluation of alternative upland dredged disposal sites, and preparation of plans and specifications for construction bidding. Noble Consultants, Inc. completed a pre- and post- dredge survey of the 11,000-foot long cooling water intake canal for the Mandalay Generating Station. The survey consisted of transverse sections across the canal at approximately 40-foot intervals along the entire length of the canal. The sections were acquired using our Trainable Acoustic Beam Sea Floor Profiler mounted on one of our survey vessels. On several occasions NCI surveyors assisted the dredge contractor in determining placement of his equipment along the winding canal. NCI surveyors conducted several interim surveys during dredging to determine compliance with the dredge plan. The data were processed and mapped using MicroStation software. Dredgeable material quantities were calculated, and electronic files of the maps were provided to the client.

Pre-Dredge Survey Under Drydock Arco at the U.S. Navy Submarine Base

San Diego, CA

NCI conducted a pre-dredge hydrographic survey under the Floating Drydock Arco, while the drydock was in place in light ballast. The survey was conducted using a Reson 9001 Multi-beam Hydrographic Surveying System mounted on NCI’s survey vessel Western Warrior. The purpose of the survey was to determine the amount of siltation accretion, which had occurred since the area was originally dredged for the placement of Drydock Arco. Used a Reson 9001 Multi-Beam Hydrographic Surveying System mounted on NCI’s survey vessel L’il Warrior to perform a hydrographic survey under the Navy’s Floating Drydock Arco. In addition to the Reson 9001, we also utilized our IT 448 single beam depth sounder. Horizontal Position of the survey vessel, and steering information for the boat operator were provided by NCI’s differential GPS navigation system. The data was processed and presented in maps generated in AutoCAD. Dredgeable material calculations were performed. Electronic files of each map were also provided to the client.

Eel River Bathymetric Survey

Humboldt County, CA

Noble Consultants was hired as a subcontractor to Towill, Inc. on this project to provide a bathymetric survey of the mouth of the Eel River and the confluence of the Salt River.  NCI’s effort was part of an overall topographic mapping along the Eel River for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Single-beam bathymetric soundings were collected and a bathymetric chart was prepared with sounding and contours.

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