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Marinas & Mooring Facilities

Marina Layouts, Floating/Fixed Docks, Mooring Systems, Piling Gangways, Pier Structures, and Boat Berthing Amenities

Listed below are many of the projects we’ve completed for our clients over the years. We’ve chosen to focus and expand on several key examples which are highlighted in blue. Clicking on those projects allows you to view in-depth what services NCI provided as well as details on the project itself.

Marina Services & Projects


  • Inspection & Evaluation of Existing Marinas
  • Estimation of Remaining Life of Existing Marinas
  • Maintenance Recommendations/Designs for Existing Marinas
  • Recommended Replacement/Rehabilitation of Existing Marinas
  • Recommended Retrofitting of Existing Marinas


  • Engineering & Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Market Analysis Studies
  • Distribution of Boat Sizes & Types
  • Hydrographic/Topographic Surveys
  • Analyses/Studies to Develop Design Criteria
  • Numerical & Hydraulic Model Studies, if required
  • Recommended Site Location/Orientation
  • Preparation of Conceptual Designs/Berthing Layouts
  • Permit Processing with Regulatory Agencies
  • Engineering Design
  • Preparation of Plans, Specifications & Cost Estimates
  • Preparation of Construction Contract Documents for Bidding
  • Overseeing Construction Bidding Process & Award of Contract
  • Engineering Construction Support Services
  • Full Time Construction Management Services
  • Resident Inspection & Offsite Fabrication Inspection


  • Marinas for Pleasure Crafts, Mega Yachts and/or Commercial Vessels/Operations
  • Marina Facilities for Olympic Class and Youth Racing Programs
  • Floating Docks Anchored Either by Guide Piles or Mooring Systems
  • Fixed Docks Supported by Piles or Piers
  • Covered Marinas
  • Marinas Located in Rivers, Estuaries, Lakes, Bays, Harbors or Oceans
  • Individual Marinas Reaching 2,500 Slips with Berths Exceeding 200 Feet in Length
  • Dock Construction Utilizing Concrete, Timber, Aluminum, Steel and/or Composite Materials
  • Numerous Types of Dock Construction with Above Materials
  • Dock Floatation of Various Materials and Construction
  • Dock Piling Consisting of Concrete, Timber or Steel
  • Deep Water Cable-Stayed Anchoring Systems
  • Marina Electrical and Mechanical Design Including:
    • Electrical Power, Phone, Cable & TV Service
    • Dock Lighting & Transformers
    • Fire Water Suppression & Domestic Water
    • Fire Hose Cabinets
    • Sanitary Pump Out Systems
  • All Marina Amenities and Accessories
  • Floating and Fixed Breakwater Protection
  • Aluminum & Timber Gangways Including Handicap Access
  • Marina Access Piers & Landings
  • Boat Hoists & Cranes
  • Shoreline Bulkheads & Slope Revetments
  • Landscape Design
  • Preparation of Marina Dock Standards and Guidelines
  • Design of Boat Launching Ramp Facilities
  • Design of Piers/Wharfs
  • Design of Channel Navigational Aids
  • Design of New and Maintenance Dredging



Marina Expansion, Naval Training Center

San Diego, CA

A new marina facility was designed to include a boat launch pier and crane; an access pier and floating dock marina; shoreline protection; a marina support building; utilities; and site improvements such as paved parking, walks and landscaping. NCI’s services included the preparation of conceptual designs; engineering design studies; final engineering design; and construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates and bid documents for a timber floating dock system and two concrete pier structures. The two pier structures were designed utilizing prestressed concrete piling, poured-in-place reinforced concrete pile caps, and precast double-”T” beam/deck systems. NCI performed detailed life cycle cost comparisons of alternative designs during the conceptual design phase of work. NCI also provided construction support services.

Marina Expansion, Naval Training Center Marina Expansion, Naval Training Center

San Leandro Marina Replacement

San Leandro, CA

This project included the replacement of an existing timber floating dock system with a 250-berth concrete floating dock system, dredging, and all shoreside utilities and landscape improvements. NCI prepared the layout, performed the design, and prepared the final drawings, specifications, contract documents, and cost estimate for the replacement of the marina facilities. These facilities consisted of concrete berths, prestressed concrete piles, aluminum gangways, and concrete approach piers. Work involved extensive coordination with permitting agencies, along with preparation of a long-range operational dredge plan. NCI also performed full-time construction management and resident field inspection.

San Leandro Marina Replacement San Leandro Marina Replacement

Sunroad Marina

San Diego, CA

The Sunroad Marina project consisted of a 550-boat marina, a building for commercial and retail sales, restrooms and lockers, swimming pool, parking, landscaping and other site improvements. NCI performed the waterfront design work and the initial oceanographic analysis that lead to the recommended breakwater protection. Services included development of engineering design criteria; preparation of alternative conceptual layouts; cost estimates; detailed engineering design; and preparation of final plans and specifications for concrete floating docks, utilities, pre-stressed concrete piling, gangways, dock accessories and a pre-stressed concrete sheet pile breakwater. NCI also assisted in the permit process, reviewed shop drawings, and provided intermittent inspection during construction.

Sunroad Marina
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