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Residential & Commercial Waterfront Devs

Layouts, Channels, Entrance Protection, Shoreline Protective, Dredging, Water Circulation/Quality, and Berthing Facilities

Listed below are many of the projects we’ve completed for our clients over the years. We’ve chosen to focus and expand on several key examples which are highlighted in blue. Clicking on those projects allows you to view in-depth what services NCI provided as well as details on the project itself.

Dana Point Headlands Development and Conservation Plan

Dana Point, CA

This project consists of the development of 121 acres on the Dana Point Headlands in Dana Point to include 125 residential lots, a 65-room inn, up to 40,000 square feet of visitor/recreational commercial use, and 62 acres of public open space including 30 acres of conservation area. NCI prepared the coastal engineering assessment for the proposed Headlands Development and Conservation Plan. A baseline description of the local and regional coastal processes was prepared and compared to potential project impacts related to surf zone wave characteristics, cross-shore and alongshore sediment transport, and bluff erosion rates. Impacts associated with reconstruction of the existing revetment structure, reduction of sediment yield, construction of new storm drain outlets, pedestrian walkway and access ramp were also addressed. Mitigation measures to minimize the identified potential impacts were analyzed.

During a second phase of work NCI performed structural engineering design services for the design and preparation of construction drawings for the lot, improved retaining walls, rock revetment removal/replacement, and pedestrian walkways. In addition, NCI is performing quarterly beach transit surveys in order to monitor the ongoing health of the fronting beach.

Dana Point Headlands Development and Conservation Plan Dana Point Headlands Development and Conservation Plan

Ventura Keys

Ventura, CA

NCI provided all waterside engineering for the development of Ventura Keys, a residential waterfront community, which is located adjacent to and north of Ventura Harbor, and shares the Ventura Harbor entrance channel to the ocean. The residential waterfront channels and slope protection were excavated and constructed in the dry prior to final excavation of the earth plug separating the development from the ocean waters. Engineering planning and design services included excavation/dredging of the channels/side slopes; stone riprap slope protection; and floating docks, piling and gangways for the entire development. Construction support services were also provided during construction of this waterfront community.

Ventura Keys

Coronado Cays Waterfront Development

San Diego, CA

NCI provided planning and engineering design services for the marine aspects of this $100-million waterfront development, which included over five miles of reinforced concrete sheet pile bulkheading, riprap slope protection, floating breakwater protection, dredging, and marking of navigational channels. Work included the preparation of plans, specifications and construction cost estimates, along with onsite construction inspection.

Coronado Cays Waterfront Development
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