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Wetlands & Lake Restorations

Sediment Removal, Drainage Culverts, Water Quality, Catwalks, and Use Allocation

Listed below are many of the projects we’ve completed for our clients over the years. We’ve chosen to focus and expand on several key examples which are highlighted in blue. Clicking on those projects allows you to view in-depth what services NCI provided as well as details on the project itself.

San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement, Phases I and II

Irvine, CA

San Joaquin Marsh is a fresh water marsh that is managed as part of the University of California Natural Reserve System. The purpose of the Phase I Enhancement was to provide a reliable water source to a series of managed ponds to promote native marsh habitat. Noble Consultants was responsible for the planning; permitting; investigation; surveying; design; cost estimation; and preparation of plans, specifications, and contract documents for improving approximately 40 acres of historic wetland. Design services included civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, and landscape architecture. Construction oversight was also provided. The California State Coastal Conservancy funded this work. The project components included removing invasive plant species; grading twelve ponds to provide a setting for a range of native plant species; improving existing internal levees; constructing a pump station and a pipeline system to provide water to all of the ponds; installing water control structures; and planting native species.

Phase 2 of the San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement Project involved recreating the historic hydrology of the marsh by improving the infrastructure for routing and delivering water throughout the area adjacent to the managed ponds that were enhanced in Phase I. Noble Consultants was the prime consultant responsible for the project, under contract with the University of California, Irvine for Phase II while for Phase I work Noble Consultants was under contract to the California State Coastal Conservancy. Work for this phase involved surveying, planning, permitting, design, and preparation of contract documents. The design services included civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, and wetlands design. Project components included excavation to provide channelization for water distribution; excavation to create a muted fresh water marsh connection to the creek; construction of a pipeline through a flood control levee; construction of a pipeline from an existing well to supplement creek water; and improving existing levees.

San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement, Phases I and II San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement, Phases I and II

Scottsdale Pond Park Improvements

Novato, CA

Scottsdale Pond is a 10-acre pond located in the City of Novato that is a flood control and recreational park facility. It is a non-contact water area that is used by birds and enjoyed by the public. The purpose of this improvement was to improve water quality to the pond, construct an island, improve the aesthetics around the perimeter of the pond, and improve public access. Noble Consultants was the prime consultant responsible for the surveying, investigations, planning, permitting, design and preparation of contract documents for the project. Design services involved civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, and landscape architecture. Project components included excavation of the pond; construction of an island; installation of aerators; contour of upland area to provide scenic berms; provide ADA access; planting around the pond and on the island; improve aesthetics of existing hardscape features; and provide mitigation for reduction of flood storage capacity.

Three alternatives were developed during the planning phase that varied the size and shape of the island, the quantity of material to be excavated from the pond and landside improvements. Variations in the size and shape of the island were proposed to alter the potential impacts on flood flows around the island and to alter the variety of plants that could be used. Also, the island layout and pond bank excavation were designed to minimize the chance for invasive plants to grow.

Scottsdale Pond Park Improvements Scottsdale Pond Park Improvements

Yosemite Canal Wetlands Restoration

San Francisco, CA

The Yosemite Canal Wetlands Restoration is currently an on-going project. Yosemite Canal is part of the Candlestick Point State Park Recreational Area. The purpose of the project is to expand wetlands in the area, provide public access, and improve wildlife habitats. A previous phase of the project involved developing alternatives, estimating construction costs, and preparing a feasibility report. NCI is responsible for hydrodynamic analysis, surveying, preparing grading plans, designing public paths, preparing construction cost estimates, and preparing contract documents.

Our design will consider, and dispose of as necessary, contaminated sediments in the area. The modeling study was part of the wetland restoration project and includes both the hydrodynamic simulation and sediment transport simulation for the Yosemite Canal and South Basin. The RMA2 model within the Surfacewater Modeling System (SMS) was used for the hydrodynamic simulation and the SED2D model was applied for the sediment transport simulation.

Yosemite Canal Wetlands Restoration Yosemite Canal Wetlands Restoration
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