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Creek, River & Channel Dredging

Sedimentation Analysis, Upland Disposal, and Aquatic Disposal

Listed below are many of the projects we’ve completed for our clients over the years. We’ve chosen to focus and expand on several key examples which are highlighted in blue. Clicking on those projects allows you to view in-depth what services NCI provided as well as details on the project itself.

Maintenance Dredging of Semeniuk Slough

Newport Beach, CA

NCI performed a study to assess the feasibility of dredging the Semeniuk Slough. The tidal channel is an urbanized waterway that discharges directly into the Lower Santa Ana River wetlands. The scope of NCI’s services included field surveying, sediment characterization, preliminary engineering, and strategic planning tasks. Technical analysis was directed to quantify the limits of dredging work necessary to restore the channel and determine the most economically feasible method to dispose of the accumulated sediment.

A key component of the study was providing the City with recommendations on how best to implement and fund a project. NCI analyzed possible avenues of inter-agency coordination that might be available to the City to expedite the project and reduce the financial burden of dredging and future maintenance. NCI is currently assisting the City to move forward with a preferred dredging plan that incorporates innovative eco-system restoration measures and provisions for long-term maintenance.

Maintenance Dredging of Semeniuk Slough Maintenance Dredging of Semeniuk Slough

Mandalay Canal Maintenance Dredging

Oxnard, CA

This project involved the planning, design and permitting for the maintenance dredging of a power plant cooling water canal. Work involved hydrographic surveying, channel design, chemical analysis of sediments, preparation of permits and regulatory documents, evaluation of alternative upland dredged disposal sites, and preparation of plans and specifications for construction bidding. Noble Consultants, Inc. completed a pre- and post- dredge survey of the 11,000-foot long cooling water intake canal for the Mandalay Generating Station. The survey consisted of transverse sections across the canal at approximately 40-foot intervals along the entire length of the canal. The sections were acquired using our Trainable Acoustic Beam Sea Floor Profiler mounted on one of our survey vessels. On several occasions NCI surveyors assisted the dredge contractor in determining placement of his equipment along the winding canal. NCI surveyors conducted several interim surveys during dredging to determine compliance with the dredge plan. The data were processed and mapped using MicroStation software. Dredgeable material quantities were calculated, and electronic files of the maps were provided to the client.

Mandalay Canal Maintenance Dredging Mandalay Canal Maintenance Dredging
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