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Listed below are many of the projects we’ve completed for our clients over the years. We’ve chosen to focus and expand on several key examples which are highlighted in blue. Clicking on those projects allows you to view in-depth what services NCI provided as well as details on the project itself.

Bixby Marshland Enhancement

Carson, CA

The County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles (LACSD) proposed to improve a degraded marshland adjacent to the Carson Water Pollution Control Plant. Water for the marsh is obtained from gravity and pump flow from a concrete lined flood control channel. The goal of the project was to improve the ecological value of the marshland, to prevent potential water intrusion impacts on plant operation, and to improve water flow through the marsh. Noble Consultants’ was hired to work with WRA to prepare a grading plan and evaluate water flow to achieve the objectives of the project. NCI performed a 2-dimensional hydrodynamic analysis of the water flow based on several grading options. NCI was subsequently hired to perform structural engineering of observation/shade structures and pedestrian bridges spanning the marsh channels. The observation/shade structures were to be constructed using timber harvested from trees removed from the site. NCI personnel selected the trees to be used in the construction. NCI also prepared the design of the trash rack at the outlet of the marsh. NCI performed the design, prepared contract documents (plans and specifications) and the construction cost estimate, and performed construction engineering services.

Bixby Marshland Enhancement

San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement, Phases I and II

Irvine, CA

San Joaquin Marsh is a fresh water marsh that is managed as part of the University of California Natural Reserve System. The purpose of the Phase I Enhancement was to provide a reliable water source to a series of managed ponds to promote native marsh habitat. Noble Consultants was responsible for the planning; permitting; investigation; surveying; design; cost estimation; and preparation of plans, specifications, and contract documents for improving approximately 40 acres of historic wetland. Design services included civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, and landscape architecture. Construction oversight was also provided. The California State Coastal Conservancy funded this work. The project components included removing invasive plant species; grading twelve ponds to provide a setting for a range of native plant species; improving existing internal levees; constructing a pump station and a pipeline system to provide water to all of the ponds; installing water control structures; and planting native species.

Phase 2 of the San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement Project involved recreating the historic hydrology of the marsh by improving the infrastructure for routing and delivering water throughout the area adjacent to the managed ponds that were enhanced in Phase I. Noble Consultants was the prime consultant responsible for the project, under contract with the University of California, Irvine for Phase II while for Phase I work Noble Consultants was under contract to the California State Coastal Conservancy. Work for this phase involved surveying, planning, permitting, design, and preparation of contract documents. The design services included civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, and wetlands design. Project components included excavation to provide channelization for water distribution; excavation to create a muted fresh water marsh connection to the creek; construction of a pipeline through a flood control levee; construction of a pipeline from an existing well to supplement creek water; and improving existing levees.

San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement, Phases I and II San Joaquin Marsh Enhancement, Phases I and II
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