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Broad Beach Seawall Repair

Broad Beach Seawall Repair

Malibu, CA

In 1997 a 160 feet long seawall was constructed in front of four properties at the western end of Broad Beach, Malibu in order to protect these homes during periods of high storm waves occurring during extreme high tides and severe beach erosion. The seawall consists of drilled in-place steel pipe piles extending into hard bedrock that supports epoxy coated steel sheet piles driven into an upper silty-clay formation that underlies the beach sand deposits. In addition, a reinforced concrete cap covers the upper portion of the steel sheet piles down to the top of the steel pipe piles. NCI has performed routine inspection of this seawall over the years, and during that time has observed the gradual increase in corrosion to the steel structural components of this seawall. In 2008 NCI prepared a detailed report addressing the application of potential protective coatings for the maintenance of this seawall.

Then after the occurrence of high storm waves during extreme high tides and beach erosion in January 2010, NCI recommended the urgent need in proceeding with the necessary repairs to this seawall. After the preparation of the construction repair plans, specifications and contract documents, and in securing all necessary regulatory permits, the construction repairs consisted of removing all steel corrosion, applying an externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer strengthening system, extending the seawall return walls further landward, performing epoxy injection and mortar repairs to the concrete, and improving drainage and backfill on the seawall’s landward side. Repair work was completed in July 2010.

Broad Beach Seawall Repair Broad Beach Seawall Repair

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