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Ventura Harbor Bypass Feasibility Study

Ventura Harbor Bypass Feasibility Study

Ventura Harbor, CA

NCI has been contracted through the Ventura Port District to prepare the coastal engineering appendix for the Ventura Harbor Sand Bypass System and Regional Beneficial Reuse Feasibility Study for Ventura Harbor, California. The purpose of the study is to design an efficient and economically viable fixed artificial sand bypass system and to determine the feasibility of beneficially reusing the bypassed sediment for beach nourishment and storm damage protection on a regional level.

The design work associated with the fixed artificial sand bypass system consisted of the review of historic dredge and disposal data, bathymetric survey data, disposal site characteristics, and geotechnical information to develop bypass system alternatives that included operation, maintenance, repair and replacement analysis, as well as a detailed design of the recommended plan alternative.

The regional beneficial reuse component of the study was initiated to determine the feasibility of providing additional benefits to the shoreline extending from Carpinteria in Santa Barbara County to Point Mugu in Ventura County. The work associated with this task consisted of gathering and estimating fluvial delivery from the Ventura and Santa Clara Rivers, and surmising the sediment budget through existing reports and beach profile analysis. NCI also performed Monte Carlo type numerical model simulations to rectify the shoreline changes that would occur under the influence of various Santa Clara River discharges, backpass volume deductions, and wave-induced sediment transport rates. Problem areas were identified and a range of small import fill scenarios consistent with logistical limitations of delivery and practical benefit were developed. The reuse alternatives then formed the basis of a regional sand management plan designed to define parameters and establish logistics to distribute bypassed material to areas requiring sand replenishment. As part of the sand management plan, a monitoring program allowing real time analysis of sand deficit versus surplus areas was recommended for implementation

Ventura Harbor Bypass Feasibility Study Ventura Harbor Bypass Feasibility Study

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